Beau Ash


Beau Ash is 29 years old and is originally from North Dakota. He was raised in a small farm town where a healthy way of living was far from a priority. He found long distance running and nutrition when he was 17 years old. He went through a big weight loss transformation in high school which led him into wanting to help others on their fitness journey, whatever that may be. While in the Air Force for 10 years his passion and focus was always on fitness and a healthy way of living. He learned early on through mentoring his airman that teaching them to live healthier transferred into every aspect of their lives including their attitude and productivity at work. Every unit he was a part of I was always a physical fitness leader and lead large group training. As a secondary job he wrote nutrition/workout plans for those who were under acceptable measurements for the Air Force‚Äôs physical fitness regulations.  In over 10 years in the fitness world he has never taken more than a week off of proper diet and exercise, this is something he takes great pride in. He was an endurance athlete from ages 17-23 where he ran 1 full marathon, 10+ half marathons and countless 10 & 5ks. His 1st yoga class was in 2010 at Golds Gym in Las Vegas. He moved to Scottsdale AZ in 2012 where he found crossfit which led him into his Yoga practice. He used Yoga to supplement his crossfit training. He really dove head first into Yoga when he started practing under Desiree Lapre Grobstein and Anton Mackey in August 2014. He quickly realized how important this practice was to him and that he wanted to share this and his gifts with others. He completed his YTT at Lifepower Yoga under Jen Chiarelli, Desiree Lapree Grobstein, and Anton Mackey. Through his training he realized he had been putting these practices and tools to use long before he found Yoga. Before he used his endurance running for his meditation time now he understands all of this more and has been able to put it to more use on a day to day basis as a yoga teach and fitness coach.  As a practicing vegan he keeps an open mind and reminds everyone to try and do the same.

My "Style"

Vinyasa flow. Self love, breath focused, and always  happy thoughts atmosphere. time to reflect, connect with some conscious breathing and stillness. Highly encouraged to smile, laugh and maybe bob your head to the beat here and there.   Always a hip hop based playlist with a sprinkle of alternative vocalists. A solid, well rounded practice, not to hard but always a good balance of flow and stretching. Stern but gentle lead practice with a very hands on approach with queing and adjusting.

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