Jason & Kerri Zelich


Jason and Kerri met 20 years ago in Paris. The desire to make a positive impact in the world, inspire people within their healing journeys and create a community where everyone feels welcome, led them to AZ where they began careers as yoga teachers and massage therapists. In June 2018, they opened One Tribe Yoga & Wellness in South Tempe, a studio where it’s all about about balancing yang with yin through yoga, massage, Ayyurveda, essential oils (…and more), and above all, through unconditional love and support of Community, your Tribe.

My "Style"

Vinyasa flow. Self love, breath focused, and always  happy thoughts atmosphere. time to reflect, connect with some conscious breathing and stillness. Highly encouraged to smile, laugh and maybe bob your head to the beat here and there.   Always a hip hop based playlist with a sprinkle of alternative vocalists. A solid, well rounded practice, not to hard but always a good balance of flow and stretching. Stern but gentle lead practice with a very hands on approach with queing and adjusting.

Mandy Janes