Jen McNeely

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Jen McNeely is a Master Trainer for Club Pilates and holds a comprehensive Pilates certification from Balanced Body, including Stott Mat, Reformer I and II, Power Plate, TRX, Neuro Movement Integration, Anatomy Trains and Foam Roller techniques, Jen is committed to helping her clients build strength, enhance flexibility and improve their overall health and wellness. Jen was first drawn to Pilates as a teenager living in Toledo, Ohio, but it was only after she realized her corporate sales job moving her to Metro Detroit, Michigan area was taking a drastic toll on her health that she decided to pursue a full-time career in fitness. Years spent working a sedentary job left Jen struggling with her own wellness. Pilates, along with a commitment to eating whole, natural foods, helped Jen reclaim her health and strength. Now making her home in the Phoenix area, Jen believes in achieving wellness from the inside out to strengthen the body and maintain overall health. She encourages her clients to tap into their intuition and listen to their bodies to become comfortable inside of their own skin. Jen understands that each body is different, and her attention to precise, fluid instruction helps guide her clients toward their unique goals while equipping them with strategies they can apply to their everyday lives.

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