Tiana Hill

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I was once probably one of the most extreme carnivores out there. Sweetbreads, blood pudding, hearts, tongues, nothing was off limits. I had a catering business and organized dinner parties that would have made a vegan faint. Food was my life. I embarked on my vegan journey because of adult acne. I always had acneprone skin, and after having kids, I thought my hormones would finally get into balance. Seeing that they were not, I decided to try plant-based. I didn’t educate myself and started eating fruits and vegetables in large quantities. My energy levels were low, and I was always craving one thing or another. But one day, after watching the Gary Yourofsky speech (Georgia Tech, 2010), I decided to give it another shot and educated myself on plant-based protein and iron sources. Along with a tight skin care regimen, my skin started clearing up. Education was the key to my success, and the more I educated myself, the more the other pillars of veganism became important to me: compassion for all living beings and protection of the environment. This whole journey is much more than a change of diet, it’s a change in lifestyle.

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