Karl Anderson

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Karl found yoga in 2011 when he was looking to add flexibility to what was a very stiff body. After practicing consistently for 4 years he completed his 200hr vinyasa training in 2015 and a level 2 300hr training in 2016. Karl is a true believer in that whatever you do in life, yoga helps you do it better. With a heavy focus on anatomy and alignment Karl hopes every student learns or feels something new in each class he teaches. Karl will be teaching his Maximum Mobility workshop. Like oil for your hinges, this workshop is designed to help you move through life more freely and efficiently. First he will work to activate then stretch commonly tight muscle groups in your body, creating balanced strength and flexibility. Karl will then take you through more dynamic variations of familiar poses as well as introduce you to some unconventional new movements. If you have an active lifestyle but feel limited by your flexibility, this workshop will help you expand your range of motion through every joint in your body.

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