Ramsie Taylor


Ramsie is a Certified Personal Trainer (NASM) and Health coach from Montana where the mountains, sports fields, and fitness facilities were always familiar to her and her family growing up. As a previous collegiate softball athlete, her career was halted by health complications that later paved her true passions towards her Bachelors in Exercise Science (Health & Human Performance), Psychology, and Minor in Nutrition that she obtained from the University of Montana. Ramsie has been a part of the Health and Fitness Industry for the past eight years and has accredited her personal setbacks through Ulcerative Colitis and faith towards her true motivators as a HIIT Trainer, Softball Coach, Speed & Strength Coach, Group Fitness Instructor, and Personal Trainer. In the beginning of her education, her route was towards Rehabilitation in Physical Therapy, however, you will quickly notice her undeniable passion for people, human movement, nutrition, and PREVENTION! She is hungry to alter other’s mindset from “I have to” to “I get to” when it comes to any mental or physical task; and wish others to thoroughly enjoy all little things in life. Whether you see her on a field, turf, yoga mat, or with boxing gloves, you will find her drenched in sweat. Ramsie’s goal as trainer is to push your body to its limits in order to find that inner strength and confidence you deserve to feel. Even if she loses her voice more often than not, just know it’s from cheering you on!


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