Kenyatta Banks, CEO/creator of the Arsenal by Kenyatta workout series. Born in WA, raised in Berlin, Germany and made in Miami (Dade County) Kenyatta is a fitness tycoon, (some would say guru) who's passion and purpose extends far longer than his three middle names. Kenyatta has taken the Arsenal HIIT on tour, throughout all the mountainside fitness gyms in AZ, a military event in Columbus, GA, sweated with the kids at Texas Southern University, lead an all women's workout in Katy, TX and had 80+ people show up on a epic tour date in Honolulu, Hawaii. Currently you can find him teaching boxing, battle ropes and Arsenal Hiit classes at Tru Fusion Scottsdale. "Be the light in someone else's darkness: we must continue to create a movement, a legacy of believers & achievers, of people who will LIVE more than they have ever imagined…" - Kenyatta Banks

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