About Us

Vikara (विकार) is the sanskrit word for change or transformation. 

We produce one-of-a-kind fitness, yoga, and wellness events centered around the idea that we want to 'get fit, feel good, and have fun.' Whether single or multi-day format, our mission is to promote fun, participatory, lifestyle-changing events that nourish the mind, body, and soul.

If you weren't there, you'd wish you had been. 

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An avid fitness buff, yogi, and businessman, Jim McGuire founded Vikara Events as a way to create community, explore new destinations, and promote a healthy lifestyle that includes staying fit while having fun. 

Stephanie @yogistephanietaylor 

She comes to Vikara with over ten years of experience in fitness and yoga. She is a certified yoga instructor, specializing in Vinyasa, Aerial, and Yin/Restorative yoga. She has a refreshing, sensible, holistic, and personalized approach to total health and fitness focusing on working from the inside out. She will share with you the endearing humor, compassion, empathy, and excitement about the discipline of Yoga and having a healthy lifestyle. Her class provides context, knowledge, and support that allow for each student’s experience to deepen naturally. Physically her approach improves stamina, flexibility, balance and strength combined with deep breathing techniques that encourage positive energy flow for a balanced mind and body.

Jaime @yogijaime

Emma @emmapigeonyoga

 Anton @antonmackey_yoga

With a background in anatomy & physiology and a passion for seeking the truth, Anton skillfully bridges the gap between the physical and spiritual by infusing his knowledge of the human body with the sacred wisdom of the soul.

His classes take students beyond their limitations with mindful and creative sequences that challenge the body and the mind, and create a space for the reawakening of the Divine union of the Masculine and Feminine in us all!

 Emily @emdowning

Paige @paigearnone
I began practicing yoga in 2012. For me, yoga began as a tool to manage my anxiety and heal from my traumas. I believed in what yoga had to offer, and as my love for yoga deepened, I was drawn to share the benefits of the practice with others.
Through my teaching, I aim to provide a safe and sacred space for my students to grow, both individually and as a community. I believe that when there's authenticity, a passion for learning, and space for humility, one's growth potential is infinite.

 Sofia @sofidemski