About Us

Vikara (विकार) is the sanskrit word for change or transformation. 

We produce one-of-a-kind fitness, yoga, and wellness events centered around the idea that we want to 'get fit, feel good, and have fun.' Whether single or multi-day format, our mission is to promote fun, participatory, lifestyle-changing events that nourish the mind, body, and soul.

If you weren't there, you'd wish you had been.


An avid fitness buff, yogi, and businessman, Jim McGuire founded Vikara Events as a way to create community, explore new destinations, and promote a healthy lifestyle that includes staying fit while having fun. 

Sharing a similar passion for fitness and yoga as a lifestyle, Jared Lebel partnered with Jim to create the Vikara Nights concept. A seasoned traveler who spent most of his career in senior marketing roles across Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, Jared brings a truly global outlook on trends in the fitness, hospitality, and wellness space.  

Cassandra Butler oversees Vikara's digital marketing and social media platforms. Her passion for a healthy lifestyle, design, and social media expertise have played a key role in promoting Vikara's values and growing our community. 

Johnathan is a seasoned creative visual storyteller and US Air Force veteran. His specialties encompass cinematic storytelling, drone operation, and editing/post-production. His continuous pursuit of studying industry trends, visual aesthetics, and producing emotional customer-centric content for brands fuels his passion for never stopping creating. 
Jasmin is medically trained by education and creatively driven by craft and trade. Her professional experience in the medical field has translated into a holistic approach to client relations, diverse storytelling, creative direction, and intricate attention to details. Her specialties include lifestyle, editorial, and commercial photography, wardrobe and set styling, creative direction, and talent casting. She can see both the big picture and small details at the same time.