Nikki is the owner of BODI, a high-intensity gym in Scottsdale, Arizona.  She is a Nike Master Trainer, Mike Boyle Certified Functional Strength Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, fitness nutrition specialist and the 2015 Women’s Health magazine’s “Next Fitness Star”.  After managing a highly successful group fitness gym in downtown Chicago and nominated as one of city’s Hottest Trainers, Nikki  moved to Arizona to pursue her ambitions to open a high-intensity gym in Scottsdale and raise the standards of the local fitness community.


Through the years, Nikki has trained athletes of all levels and has mastered a variety of styles with a focus on high-intensity strength and conditioning.  As a Nike Master Trainer, Nikki travels the world working with Nike-sponsored athletes, creates workouts for the Nike Training Club (NTC) app, and leads NTC classes for thousands.  She can even be spotted in some Nike campaigns and commercials. As the Women’s Health magazine’s “Next Fitness Star”, she was featured in and on the magazine cover and produced her own workout DVD with the brand.


Nikki’s training methods are functional, effective and efficient.  She loves nothing more than to leave a training session drenched in sweat and feeling awesome! She aims to energize, inspire and push her clients to be their best and to realize it is more than just training, it’s a lifestyle. With her infectious spirit, Nikki is the force that propels BODI and fosters the culture of being better and stronger.

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