The VIKARA Community

Most of us are Millennials, while some of us are Gen X’ers.  We actively pursue health and wellness as a lifestyle. We are a cross-pollination of fitness enthusiasts and yogis, and in our spare time you’ll often find us in the gym, on a hike, in the saddle, or practicing yoga.

We are interested in optimizing nutrition and clean eating.  Many of us maintain conscientious diets, including but not necessarily vegan, paleo and keto.  We are less interested in drinking as a main activity, but do love to socialize and make meaningful connections with like-minded people.

Most importantly to our resort partners:  we are social media savvy, with a high level of engagement across all major platforms.  In the coming months and years we will be planning birthdays, graduation parties, and weddings.  We are generally responsible for deciding where our companies host offsite meetings and conferences.  

By co-branding a wellness event with Vikara, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to introduce us to your property in fun and instagram-friendly fashion.